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Your Text Host is an anonymous blogging platform where you can publish your blog post with a single click. Read more...

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What Is An Anonymous Blogging Platform?

An anonymous blogging platform is a website where you can publish text, maybe containing images and even embedded videos, without sign-up, without providing your email or any other personal information, thus staying completely incognito.

Anonymous Blogging Platform: How It Works

Your Text Host is an anonymous blogging platform. You can publish your creative here with a single click, without any sign-up and login procedures. Using a rich text editor, you can format your blog post, apply different fonts, change the color of the whole text or its parts, as well as the background color. You can also add images to your creative and embed videos.

The only mandatory element of your blog post is the title, as it is used to make the permanent address (URL) of your text. Please save this URL for future use if you are going to share your blog post some other ways than using social sharing buttons on top of the page immediately after it has been published on our anonymous blogging platform.

To be able to edit your blog post, please save your unique and anonymous access code, which is displayed to you after your text has been published. As we don't collect any personal data, as well as contact details (such as email addresses), you can be sure you remain unidentified while blogging on our platform.